Modern Paradise

The interaction between illusion and reality forms the focus of my works. I aim to illustrate the alienating effect of our artificial environment. Originality is hard to find, what we get is an illusion of reality. The viewer gets carried away in a sublime and dreamy reality. The sublime sense of nature reminds us of the works of Caspar David Friedrich. In the middle of this great nature we see a model of geometrical order which questions the sense of space. The Romantic philosopher von Schelling had a great way to put it:
Art is the representation of the infinite in the finite. In my works I use simultaneity; the simultaneity of contrasting elements. I use self designed architecture and place it in a magnified natural world of plants, flowers and fireflies.This is the world as I see it. There is no single reality, not even in my work.

Urban Nature

The Urban Nature paintings are inspired by the still life works of Matisse, which are full of patterns. Like Matisse, I use a certain flatness in the paintings which make the forms and patterns even stronger. Another inspiration: 17th century Dutch flower still life paintings, using insects and butterfly shapes as a symbol for the admiration of life.

Return to Eden

In the Return to Eden paintings we see a display of buildings and interiors combined with nature. The architecture represent man-made, linear structures. The plants represent the abundance, the innocence and the organic world. In this Urban Jungle we see modernist houses in a paradise-plant-world.

New Illusions

In the New Illusions series The Golden Rule was used to create an abstract and geometric order. The paintings react to changing light and shadow and question the symbiosis between illusion and reality.